About the UCC and CCCPB

    The United Church of Christ is a community of faith that seeks to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed. The UCC was founded in 1957 as the union of several different Christian traditions: Congregational, Christian, Evangelical, and Reformed. From the beginning of our history, we were a church that affirmed the ideal that Christians did not always have to agree to live together in communion. Our motto — "that they may all be one" — is Jesus' prayer for the unity of the church. The UCC is one of the most diverse Christian churches in the United States.

Community Congregational Church of Pacific Beach

    We are a close but open community. Our goal is to provide a friendly place where all searching Christians may find religious growth opportunities for satisfying service and sustenance for their spiritual reserves. We hold that each person is a unique and precious being in the eyes of God and that God reveals truth to all who earnestly seek it. We belong to the denomination of United Church of Christ. We practice the sacraments of Communion and Baptism to recognize the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

    We offer Sunday worship, Sunday school, infant care, Bible study, discussion groups, choir, adult fellowship, service projects, and social gatherings. With the writer of the homily of James, we do agree that "faith by itself, if it has no works is dead." (James 2:17) Accordingly, CCCPB (a) has built seven small houses for poverty stricken families in some of the poorest areas of Tijuana, Mexico providing the labor and finances to do so; (b) generously supports the Community Christian Service Agency which tries to meet emergency needs of the homeless and poor in San Diego; (c) provides meeting space for AA, and NA, and other groups; (d) supports pro-choice and family planning; and (e) is an open and affirming church.

    CCCPB has an Endowment Fund open to gifts from members and friends. A gift to the Endowment Fund is a permanent tribute, the principle held in perpetuity, and only the interest may be used to further the ministry and mission of our congregation. A plaque of honor in the sanctuary is a reminder of the love and generosity of CCCPB's members and friends. Gifts large and small are welcome. Please contact the minister or any members of the Endowment Fund committee for more information.

Accessibility for the Differently-Abled

    It is our goal to welcome people of all walks of life, including folks who have special needs. This is a work in progress and we would like to accommodate you so that you might enjoy your experience in our community, and to help make it your own.

"Jesus didn't turn people away. Neither do we."

    Collectively, the United Church of Christ is a theologically progressive mainline denomination that believes in inclusiveness as modeled by Jesus' love and attention to all. We are an open and affirming church that values the many opinions represented in our congregation.

    Visit our links page for more information about UCC. Most of all, please come see what our church is about and be a part of this community.